Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia Quality Policy and Mission Statement “to be a trusted supplier of Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia for packaging industries, to achieve success through a shared commitment to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations through teamwork, continuous improvement, and innovation. To achieve our mission, it is essential that we focus on quality in everything we do throughout our organization”. The top management are committed to:

  • Understanding the customer and interested parties needs in providing best Products & Services which meets their expectation and complying with the relevant national and international standards.
  • The quality policies and objectives are communicated throughout the organization and shall be reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement and sustainability.
  • Consideration of interested parties and risk management are essential factors for the ongoing development of the company.
  • Believe in fostering a symbiotic relationship between customers and suppliers by covalently working together in pursuit of realizing this policy and in continually striving for improvement while ensuring that both legal obligations and commitments are fully maintained.
  • Provide utmost care to customers or external provider’s properties by ensuring proper identification, protection, safe handling, and preserve correct safety measures are being applied.
  • Increased employee proficiency and job satisfaction through; awareness, training, and development programs to achieve the set objectives.
  • Working with employees to meet performance targets and ensuring to monitor and evaluate the quality of performance of service partners, suppliers, and contractors, partners in implementing effective communication on quality.
  • Ensure objectives comply with policy requirements and continuous improvement is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy itself.

Sun Chemical Saudi Arabia is committed business improvement by adhering to the product quality standards, while maintaining the necessary quality approvals conforming to the International Standards (ISO 9001:2015), planned and developed jointly with other management functions in line with customer requirements.